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Our Charter

ICT Geelong has identified several focus areas to ensure that the ICT industry in Geelong continues to grow and meet its objective of establishing the region as a major Victorian ICT precinct.


Key Focus Areas:


  • Participation to Strengthen ICT Geelong
    • Attracting key ICT stakeholders to participate in and strengthen the advocacy of ICT Geelong.
  • Investment Attraction and Job Creation
    • Developing tools for promoting ICT investment and job creation opportunities.
  • Skills Development and Retention
    • Developing a strategy to develop, attract and retain ICT skills within the region.
  • Strengthening Innovation & Commercialisation
    • Identifying and securing grants, funding and / or assistance to strengthen the R&D capabilities of the sector.
  • Developing Linkages to ICT Decision Makers
    • Developing strategic partnerships with government and industry stakeholders.
  • Developing a Sustainable Representative Body
    • Developing a funding model for the sustainability of ICT Geelong.
  • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
    • Conducting business and networking events


ICT Geelong Steering group and sub-groups

Steering Group
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Steering Group

Foundation Members form the Steering Group of ICT Geelong. The Steering Group has been responsible for developing the vision, objectives and the milestones achieved by ICT Geelong.

Innovation, R&D<br> and Commercialisation
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Innovation, R&D
and Commercialisation

ICT Geelong plans to successfully increase the commercial application of ICT-based research and development activities. The R&D Sub-Group focuses on developing collaborative and independent R&D projects in the ICT sector.

Skills, Education & Jobs
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Skills, Education & Jobs

The Education and Skill Sub-Group ensures that the region develops the skills and capacity to support growing IT industry. This is achieved by promoting industry-based learning programs for local businesses as well as active involvement within schools and the education sector.

Entrepreneurship, Startups<br> & Investment
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Entrepreneurship, Startups
& Investment

Building an Entrepreneurial eco-system is one of ICT Geelong’s four (4) key charter points.