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Priorities 2015-16

Strategic view of ICT Geelong

What is ICT Geelong for?

  • To represent organisations for which ICT is a key facilitator, component of their business and / or who directly operate within the ICT sector in the Geelong region
  • To achieve outcomes that are beneficial for its constituents and the wider community
  • To be a self-supporting entity
  • To be a platform for communication and leadership around transformation and change to a more digitally focused economy

Where do we see ourselves at the end of 2016?

  • As a significant contributor to the discussion on transformation of the Geelong economy
  • As a recognised leader for the transformation of the Geelong economy to be more digitally focused
  • Having led initiatives that have had quantifiable benefits to our members and to the Geelong community and economy at large
  • To have increased our membership base to exceed 100 members of whom 40 are paid contributors

What initiatives and focus is required to get from where we are now to where we want to be in 2 years?

Focus 1: rebrand and reposition the organisation

Focus 2: improve our systems (being web, social and back-of-house) to provide better engagement mechanisms

Focus 3: increase the level of activity that ICT Geelong is leading including more events we directly facilitate and more events for which we are a partner.

Focus 4: increase activity in the pursuit of new revenue generating opportunities


Priorities 2015-16

Foster Technology Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups:

  • Secure support for Geelong Startups through Startup Geelong Fund
  • Development of Startup ecosystem in Geelong- Inspire, Educate, Implement
  • Organize Pitching Education Sessions
  • Collaboration with Geelong Angels Network
  • Increase participation in IT Pitching Competition
  • Co-host Entrepreneurship events with HeadStart Accelerator
  • Support Meetup groups & networking events like Geelong Entrepreneurs Network and Geelong Silicon Beach.
  • US Trade Mission to Collision Conference

Increase research and commercial activities from ICT Geelong initiatives:

  • Identify and develop collaborative projects between industry and tertiary education / research institutions
  • Identify and promote grants, funding & support opportunities for ICT businesses
    • ICT Grants & Funds Portal on ICT Geelong website with
    • Grant of the month section on ICT Geelong Monthly newsletter
    • “Show me the money” event for ICT businesses with GrantReadyGuru team.
  • Identify and develop pathways for sensors / wearable sensors projects with HeadStart & ASTN
  • Promote Geelong as a test bed for Health Innovations through the establishment of a Health-ICT focus group.

Improve engagement with I.T. businesses:

  • Increase submissions to the I.T. Pitching Competition from Geelong region I.T. businesses.
  • Host more events to encourage networking and collaboration between industry participants.
  • Development of ICT Directory for Geelong.
  • Development of an Online Collaboration Platform for IT Businesses in ICT Geelong
  • Industry Insights and Intelligence through ICT Geelong Monthly newsletter
  • Increased engagement through Social Media, Communication & PR Activities.

Improve ICT Skills, Education & Job Opportunities in Geelong:

  • Improve industry / student collaboration
    • Promote industry-based learning programs to local businesses.
    • Identify industry-based research opportunities with industry.
  • Make I.T. a more attractive career path
    • Support “UpStart Challenge” Initiative.
    • Co-host a “GovHack Geelong” event with City of Greater Geelong
    • Support Coders Club initiative
    • Support “Code for Australia fellowship”
  • Secure involvement of schools in Skills & Education Subgroup.
  • Create  ICT Talent Community with
  • Identify ICT Skills Demand & Supply in Geelong
    • Identify current & future ICT career opportunities with GRLLEN and
    • Profile the IT skills in Geelong through Special Interest groups and Skills directory.

Grow Membership base :

  • ICT Geelong Membership drive to increase awareness
  • Implement new Online Membership acquisition process
  • Introduce Affiliate Membership structure aimed to engage
  • Recognition of new members through Social Media, Email Campaign & PR activities.
  • Grow financial membership base from 25-35.

Increase profile and improve value to financial sponsors:

  • Development of new ICT Geelong Logo and brand.
  • Development of new ICT Geelong website and blog.
  • Online Marketing Strategy aimed to increase profile and improve value to financial sponsors,
  • More opportunities to promote expertise.
  • More opportunities to promote I.T. business growth – onsite tours, subject experts, case studies and collaboration opportunities.
  • Increased promotion of activities in local and online media
  • Introduction of Featured Member section on Website & Newsletter.
  • Promotion of members through local and online media.

Infrastructure and Investment Development:

  • High Speed Internet in Geelong
  • Support “Geelong Digital Secondary School” projects
  • Support Establishment of Digital Hub/ Coworking Space

Provide Leadership & Advocacy:

  • Representation on G21 Economic Development Pillar
  • Representation on Geelong WDC Advisory Group.
  • Representation on Skilling the Bay.
  • Representation on Deakin University- Schools of Information Advisory Board
  • Representation on UpStart Steering committee.
  • Representation on Local Procurement Steering Committee.