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Building an entrepreneurial eco-system is one of the four key pillars of ICT Geelong’s charter.To this end, the organisation plays a leadership role in the region by developing and delivering a number of key initiatives to build the entrepreneurial capacity of the business and tertiary education sectors including:

  • Technology Entrepreneurship Conferences - bringing international / nationally recognised innovation and entrepreneurship experts to Geelong
  • IT Invention Test – a pitching competition to uncover the next generation of technology start-ups
  • Investment Pitching Education – to help entrepreneurs understand what it means to be ‘investor ready’
  • Investment Pitching to Angels / Commercialisation Experts – providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamps– targeting education and guidance for high-potential start-ups
  • Partnerships with University of California (Berkeley) to take selected high-potential start ups to undertake elite executive entrepreneurship programs
  • Direct access to mentors – providing the opportunity for start-ups to link directly into mentors with strong commercialisation background.
ICT Geelong has built a significant network of national / international organisations and subject experts that can contribute to the value provided in the proposed program under the RFQ. Some of these partners include:

Melbourne Angels

  • University of California, Berkeley (Lester Center for Entrepreneurship)
  • Australian Information Industry Association
  • Pitcher Partners (and Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Angel Cube
  • BlueChilli
  • IBM
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Freelancer
  • Red Balloon
  • 99 designs
  • Adventure Capital
  • Sydney Seed Fund
  • Startup Victoria
  • Silicon Beach

ICT Geelong’s activities have helped build the Geelong region’s profile nationally as an innovative regional centre.

Outcomes from entrepreneurship & innovation activities

  • 30 start-ups (est) exist as businesses today (across Australia)
  • Employing 80+ people
  • Attracted $1.5-$2 million+ (est) in angel investment
  • Attracted $1 million+ (est) from seed investment sources
  • Establishment of Geelong Angels Investment Network
  • Establishment of HeadStart Accelerator focused on ICT and Sports Tech start-ups.
  • Establishment of Australian Sports Technologies Network
  • Establishment of Geelong Entrepreneurs Network


The Education & Skills Sub-Group focuses on developing collaborative and independent R&D projects in the ICT sector.

The Education and Skill Sub-Group ensures that the region develops the skills and capacity to support growing IT industry. This is achieved by promoting industry-based learning programs for local businesses as well as active involvement within schools and the education sector.

The priorities for this Subgroup are;

  • Establish an ICT industry presence at the Geelong Careers Expo.
  • Manage resources to host an ICT specific careers event. Provide an interactive online forum for students to access information on the ICT industry.
  • Explore establishing an ‘ICT entrepreneurship / mentoring program’ to encourage innovation and commercialisation of ICT ideas from students.:

The Steering Group, which until now has comprised Foundation Members, has been responsible for developing the vision, objectives and the milestones achieved by ICT Geelong.

The goal of this group is to work collectively to improve the region’s prosperity by promoting ICT capabilities. The Steering Group works with Industry, Government, Educators and Prospective employers. The members of the Steering Group meet regularly and work towards fostering projects that can contribute to the achieving ICT Geelong’s vision. ICT Geelong is looking for new members of the Steering Group to help achieve that vision.


The Innovation, R&D and Commercialisation Sub-Group focuses on developing collaborative and independent R&D projects in the ICT sector. 

The Innovation, R&D and Commercialisation Sub-Group’s aims are to;  

  • Act as a lobbying body for the Geelong Region ICT sector for R&D, Innovation, Commercialisation & Venture Capital.
  • Increase ICT R&D in the Geelong Region.
  • Increase employment opportunities in the ICT Sector.
  • Identify funding, grants and assistance for R&D opportunities.
  • Identify prospects to work collaboratively with various organizations.
  • Provide an avenue for feedback on potential technology R&D projects.
  • Commercialisation / Export of R&D projects.
  • Brainstorm R&D and Commercialisation opportunities.

The priorities for this Subgroup are;

  • Determine the ‘disruptive technologies’ on which the Geelong region’s education & research institutions and private sector organisations can focus their R&D activities, with the aim of identifying world-leading technologies that can be further developed..
  • Develop the ‘disruptive technology’ focus areas by establishing partnerships, events, competitions and entrepreneurship education to advance the identified technology.




Upstart Challenge
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28 August 2015 by dev, in Steering Group

Upstart Challenge

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09 August 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group


Co Working Space
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

Co Working Space

Startup Geelong Fund
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

Startup Geelong Fund

National Broadband Network
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

National Broadband Network

Steering Group members are:

Name: Steve Gale

Organization: The Gordon


Name: Craig Hill

Organization: ASTN


Name: Terry Hickey

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Jon Roberts

Organization: One Rabbit


Name: Elaine Carbines

Organization: G21


Name: Rod MacDonald

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Hadden Finger

Organization: Regional Development Victoria


Name: Tina Price

Organization: Callista Software Services


Name: Nick Stanley

Organization: Sky Software


Name: Neil McQuinn

Organization: Surf Coast Shire


Name: Ian Priddle

Organization: Codeacious

Name: Tim Clark

Organization: Connectel


Name: Mike Vanderkelen

Organization: Infotech Marketing & Comms


Name: Amey Robertson

Organization: Scene Group


Name: Aamir Qutub

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Todd Hubers

Organization: Alivate/Startup Cloud


Name: Jennifer Cromarty

Organization: tandemVox


Name: Liz Grant

Organization: Chamber of Commerce


Name: Victoria Laspas

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Saeid Nahavandi / Michael Johnstone / Mathew Watson (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

Organization: Deakin University


Name: Leighton Wells/ Robert Foster

Organization: Digitalsmith