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Members Connect

Members Connect

What is Member Connect?

Member Connect is membership-based procurement tool within online professional services marketplace Pundit Connect.

Member Connect facilitates professional consulting engagements between members of the same business network – making it easy for Bendigo Business Council members to connect and do business with each other.


What Professional Services will I find?

The Pundit Connect marketplace has hundreds of advisers registered that can support your business with:

  • Business planning, structure and performance
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Public relations, marketing and media engagement
  • Succession planning
  • Intellectual property
  • Workplace relations
  • ….and more


What are the features I can use in Pundit Connect?

 Build a panel of trusted consultants and benefit from competitively tendering your consulting projects to a select group of people that you already know and trust.

Member Connect

As a Bendigo Business Council member you enjoy *commission free* transactions when you tap the true power of your networks and tender your project to talented consultants in the Bendigo Business Council.

Skills Connect

Take your search for professional talent to the full Pundit Connect marketplace and target consultants that match the skills you need.


I’m interested, how do I get started?

Step 1. Businesses and consultants sign up and create a free account. It only takes a minute.

Step 2. Users visit ‘My Member Connect’ in their user dashboard and ‘unlock’ their Bendigo Business Council membership.

Step 3. Businesses describe their project needs using Pundit’s simple project template.

Step 4. Businesses post their project to consultants in the marketplace – including to consultants that are members of the Bendigo Business Council.

Step 5. Consultants submit their competitive bids for customers to review.

Step 6. Businesses engage a consultant and get to work.


What are the benefits of the partnership?

As a member of the Bendigo Business Council you’ll benefit from commission free projects when you engage with other Business Council members through Member Connect.


Where do I get more information?